Hello, my name is Partha Unnava

I was born and raised in Columbus, OH. I moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech and study biomedical engineering, and in the process realized that I could never work a typical 9-5 job. After a few years of college, I dropped out to start BWHealth (at the time, called Better Walk). 

The inspiration for this company came from a personal experience, spending 6 weeks on crutches after breaking my ankle playing basketball. I saw the flaws in the healthcare system, and saw a clear way I could make a massive impact in sports medicine.

I've built and grown my business, and gone from college dropout to successful entrepreneur. I've been fortunate enough to have met President Obama at the White House, been featured on CNN, Forbes, Inc., and more, along my journey to improve sports medicine and healthcare in dynamic ways.

I am based in Atlanta, GA, where I work with my incredible team to help create sports med products to help rehab injuries, and prevent new ones. We keep costs of our products low so that people can afford them, and we lead by innovating in meaningful ways. We don't believe in iteration, but we believe in completely re-imagining products from the ground up.

My passions include hip-hop, fashion, and sports, and I take a tremendous amount of pride in the quality of relationships that I've built thus far. If you would like to work with me, please feel free to reach out.