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Why I Hate The Word "Startup"

I hate the word startup. I think it has an extremely negative connotation in today's society. When I was growing up, an entrepreneur was idolized. It was respected to start a business, and you had to be good at it to earn the title of entrepreneur.

Nowadays, there's so many wantrepreneurs in the ecosystem, they dominate the environment. When the average person looks at startups, they see 90%+ of people who more or less go through the motions of starting a company without actually doing anything. 

If you're starting a business, you're automatically a part of a group that fails 92% of the time. I think this is abhorrent. Not because of the actual act of failure. That's important. And it's also crucial to learn from those mistakes and start over. But what gets me is how many of these failures are attributed to those who end up back at a corporate job, or after 3 failures become an entrepreneur in residence at their local accelerator.

Come on.

I'm sick of the validation I lose when people say, "Oh, you're a startup company." It's said with the disdain and disappointment of a single guy at a bar who meets a girl they like and then discovers, "Oh... you have a boyfriend." As if one was led on to think that you were actually good at business.

I want to be taken seriously in this world as a business person, and while the only way to truly do that is through a successful venture, until that point, I will not classify myself as an entrepreneur, and I will not work in a startup. I am a businessman, and I build businesses.