Hi, my name is Partha. Welcome to my personal website and blog.


I've been thinking about ego a lot recently. I think if you meet me, I probably come off a little bit full of myself. I'll admit it. Hell, I probably come off a lotta bit full of myself. My freaking website is

People used to always give me flack when I changed my Twitter handle and my Instagram username to that. I never understood why. At first I thought it was because I used official instead of something like itspartha or thepartha. Literally this past weekend, I realized the flack I was receiving was because people were shocked I could consider myself as so important that I deserved the title official in front of my name.

Well that's a totally different story. This is probably the part of the post where you expect me to say something humble, something along the lines that when I was starting my business, I wanted to differentiate my social media handles so people could find me, or maybe because my last name is hard to spell and people mess it up a lot so I wanted to simplify.


I honestly believe that when I'm done with this life, I'll be the Partha that is remembered. I plan on making such an impact that people will create fake Partha twitter and instagram accounts and I'll have my officialpartha handle occupied before anyone else does.

Is it cocky to say that I believe I can do things to that magnitude? Maybe. But I'm gonna say it anyway, because if I didn't shoot as high as I can imagine, then I would be doing myself a disservice, and if I didn't believe I could get there, what would be the point of trying?

I'm not saying I can reach any of those heights alone, nor am I saying that anything I've done so far has been exclusively because of me. In fact, I believe that I've played the smallest role in any success I've seen so far. But I do believe that by collaborating with the right people, I, as well as my team, will reach those tremendous heights. There isn't any other way for this story to play out.

So yes, I've got an ego.


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