Hi, my name is Partha. Welcome to my personal website and blog.


A lot of people I knew took a trip through Europe after they graduated college. My life never panned out where I could do that, but I ended up having to go to a lot of new cities and make new friends over the course of a few years.  I wanted to share a couple tips on traveling alone:

1. Hotel bars are your friend. This is where everyone who travels alone hangs out, and a great place for networking. 

2. There's nothing wrong with dinner for 1. It's nice to get out and be around people, and waiters and waitresses always give you a little extra attention when you're alone to make you feel comfortable. 

3. Talk to everyone. This is how you make friends in new cities. Trade contact info and make sure you reconnect with them when you get back to the city. 


Just some thoughts.