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While I have admitted in a previous post to my ego, I do believe that my core values tie to humility.  I've met a lot of people over the past year who are driven by a need to fulfill their ego. This can be an incredibly dangerous source of motivation, as this type of person has a tendency to put the blame for failures on other people due to their pride.

Sometimes I wonder if I was ever this guy. I've always been driven by my pride and confidence. But something I've consciously worked on since I was a kid was removing personal value from the results of the work I've put in. 

Here's the trap I see. You want something. You want it bad. You work hard, and I mean harder than you can imagine to get there. Finally, you achieve it. It's natural to want to take this success and believe you can do anything. In fact I think this can be a healthy way to build confidence. 

Here's the other side. What if you took that success and didn't care if it happened or not but just kept moving forward? This comes from an acceptance that once you put action in, result can't be controlled past that point. Much like once you release a basketball shot, you can't change what happens next. 

It's important to have confidence in yourself, that you truly can achieve anything. But at the same time, humility comes from the acceptance that the results that come from your hard work are simply because of the way the universe was set up at that moment. A basketball shot only goes in because the hoop happened to be there at that moment in time.

You have to know that you can achieve anything but at the same time know that nothing you achieve was fully because of you. It's tough.  

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