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How To Keep The Grind Mentality Through The Good Times

How To Keep The Grind Mentality Through The Good Times

When we face setbacks, it's pretty easy for me to stay motivated. I love working with a chip on my shoulder. I love when the world tells me I can't do something, because I've always proven them wrong. Whether it was dunking a basketball or building a business, I love challenges. But obviously, I love when things go right, as well.

When things go too well, it's easy to feel unfulfilled or distracted. If everything goes right, how do you stay motivated and driven? How do you keep running like there's someone on your tail? How do you embrace success and turn positivity into more positivity?

I've seen a lot of people fall off once they see a tinge of success, because they don't have the tools to stay driven when the circumstances change, but there's a couple mindset tweaks I've made to keep the pedal on the floor.

Put on the blinders.

I never look at what other people are doing or saying. I don't care whether a competitor is moving slower, and I don't care what they are doing. I wake up to work as hard as I can every single day to build MY business, not anyone else's. I approach my business like a workout, and if you've ever worked out with me, I'll go until I can't anymore. I love that push.

When you don't compare yourself with anyone else, you go until you can't. And then you wake up every day, rinse, and repeat. Not because you feel like you need to overcome a challenge, but because you are fulfilled by the process of putting in the work.

Live with passion.

You have to live and breathe with passion. You have to fight to realize every breath can be maximized, and every day and every moment that you are building something, should be maximized.

It's easy to burn out, and it's easy to get distracted, but if you're filled with and driven by passion, it's impossible to stop.

Ever since I started focusing on who I was, and translating my efforts at work into an embodiment of self, I started to see every day as an art project. Our products that we put out are embodiments of my energy, and they had better be, because of all of the work that went into them.

It's been a long time since I didn't feel driven. It's been a long time since I didn't feel alive. It's about translating your energy to the world, and ignoring what everyone else is doing. Live for yourself, and you'll never run out of passion.

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